UWI St. Augustine Campus Council Meeting

Event Date(s): 25/03/2014

Location: Health Economics Unit Auditorium

The 2014 UWI St. Augustine Campus Council Meeting takes place on Tuesday March 25, at the Health Economics Unit Auditorium, from 9.30am-noon.  

A fundamental aspect of the accountability of The University of the West Indies is the annual meeting of the Campus Council, where Annual and Faculty Reports are presented. The Financial Report each year, ending 31st July, is submitted to the Campus Finance and General Purposes Committee for consolidation and approval en route to the Campus Council and then to the University Council for final approval.  This year, the Campus Council meeting will include the Council Chairman, Mr. Ewart Williams, the Vice-Chancellor, Pro-Vice Chancellor & Campus Principal, Planning & Development Deputy Principal, Campus Bursar, Deans, Academic Board representatives and Guild representatives among other University Executive Management. 

The Campus Council meeting is the University’s equivalent of a company’s Board of Directors meeting.   

About The Campus Council

Each Campus of The University of the West Indies has a Campus Council. The Campus Council is the governing and executive body of the Campus, with powers vested by the University Council, to manage all matters as prescribed in Statute 21 and subject to The UWI’s Charter. The Campus Councils were created with the responsibility to preserve the regional character while giving greater autonomy to the Campuses to respond to national needs and those of the non-campus countries. 

At each annual meeting of Campus Council, the Campus Principal reports to the membership all activities undertaken over the previous academic year, and these include, inter alia, academic and curriculum updates, changing statistics on students enrolment and graduate throughput, and staffing across all levels of the Campus; management and expansion of the physical Campus sites; and strategic initiatives that are being undertaken to enhance the delivery of all services provided by the Campus. Additionally, the Campus Bursar reports on the audited financial statements for the year in review, and beyond the balance sheet and income statements information is provided on cash flow, finances, accounts, and investments.