Distinguished Open Lecture: The Role of the Bahamas in CARICOM

Event Date(s): 07/04/2014

Location: Daaga Auditorium

On April 7, as part of the CARICOM Leaders Lecture Series, the Rt. Honourable Perry Gladstone Christie, Prime Minister of the Commonwealth of the Bahamas will deliver a Distinguished Open Lecture titled “The Role of the Bahamas in CARICOM: My perspective on where we are going”, at the Daaga Auditorium, at 5.30pm.  

All are invited. 


The Prime Minister will speak to the issues of CARICOM as a regional, hemispheric and world force.  He will argue that we are stronger by standing together. The nations of the region are stronger. More can be done for our people if we stand together.  It is the Prime Minister's view that collectively we can improve our economies, share, enhance and enrich our culture and civilization by acting in concert. He believes this cooperation and exchange should be strengthened from Bermuda to Suriname.  He believes that there should be an outreach to the dependent territories as well.  The Prime Minister is a strong advocate of an open, honest and frank dialogue with the developed world, in particular of a structured dialogue with all the major players in the region and the hemisphere.  He will argue that we must learn to better leverage the advantage of our numbers on the world stage.


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