Mediation Training Workshops

Event Date(s): 12/08/2014 - 15/08/2014

Location: Faculty of Social Sciences lounge

The Department of Behavioural Sciences hosts two Mediation Training Workshops from August 12-15, 2014, from 8.15am-3pm daily, at the Faculty of Social Sciences lounge. The workshops are listed below: 

(1) Industrial Relations and Negotiations in Mediation – August 12-13, 2014                      

(2) Peer Mediation – August 14-15, 2014

Workshop descriptions and objectives: 

Industrial Relations and Negotiations in Mediation: The power of influence on Industrial Relations and Negotiation in corporate business has become more apparent within recent times due to globalization. As such corporate businesses have found themselves in need of strong, concise management strategies that work. Understanding Industrial Relations and Negotiations through the eyes of Mediation is exactly what is needed to resolve some HR/IR conflicts and improve customer service and satisfaction. 


  • - Define IR/ Negotiations/Mediations and the impact on corporate
  • - Introduce participants to strategies that will improve competencies as it relates to IR/Negotiation and Mediation
  • - Introduce Mediation as an option to corporate conflict resolution 

This workshop is geared toward lawyers, human resource and industrial relations practitioners, teachers, conciliators, port and union officials and management personnel. 

Peer Mediation: The importance of Peer Mediation cannot be over emphasized given the social climate in today’s society both local and internationally. Peer Mediation is now emerging as one of the ways by which youth conflict can be managed within educational systems, neighborhoods and communities 


  • - Define the concept of Peer Mediation
  • - Introduce Peer Mediation as a conflict resolution mechanism
  • - Show how Peer Mediation can positively impact conflict and open avenues for resolution 

This workshop is geared toward principals, teachers, parents, students (between the ages of 14 to 18 years) social workers, probation officers and interested community personnel. 

COST: $2,900 to attend either workshop (includes course package and lunch) 

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