Professorial Inaugural Lecture - Bharat Bassaw

Event Date(s): 21/10/2014

Location: Lecture Theatre A2, Teaching & Learning Complex, Circular Road, St. Augustine

The Open Lectures Committee invites you to the Professorial Inaugural Lecture of Professor Bharat Bassaw entitled "Gestational Dabetes Mellitus (GDM): A Critical or Controversial Viewpoint.

The lecture takes place at 5.30pm, and is open to all. 


Gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM), defined as glucose intolerance with onset or first recognition during pregnancy has been the subject of considerable controversy. Some critics even question whether GDM even exists. But we are convinced that not only is GDM real but also it carries significant adverse outcomes in pregnancy for both the mothers and their babies. These risks extend in later life.

During this lecture, data from local and international research will show that strong continuous associations of maternal glucose levels with adverse outcomes exist, and that treatment of even mild degrees of hyperglycaemia may reduce serious perinatal morbidity.

That with timely diagnosis of GDM significant benefits in pregnancy outcome may accrue, also possible reduction in the burden of diabetes mellitus type 2 in both the women and in their offspring, and to society in terms of annual healthcare expenditure and loss of productivity, we endorse the view that a policy of universal screening for GDM be adopted especially as the Caribbean is known to have a high background incidence of diabetes mellitus. This screening for GDM can be achieved with the use of a lime-flavoured 50-g glucose drink.



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