The Effects of Geomagnetic Storms on Hurricane Intensity in the Caribbean

Event Date(s): 11/12/2014

Location: Room 413, Natural Sciences Building, Faculty of Science & Technology

The Department of Physics presents a seminar on the topic, "The Effects of Geomagnetic Storms on Hurricane Intensity in the Caribbean" by Mr. Vijya Nanan at 1pm.
This seminar will be supervised by Dr. Shirin Haque. 
Recently indication have appeared that due to the apparent meteorological processes in the extra-terrestrial atmosphere there are variations in the Earth- Sun climate processes  To determine this correlation we examined the effects of geomagnetic storms on hurricane intensity with the Caribbean region. Solar cycles 21 to 23 (period- June 1976 – January 2008) and its association with geomagnetic storms and hurricanes in the Caribbean region were analyzed. The analysis included the Disturbance storm time (Dst) (decreases of more than -100nT) & hurricane numbers associated within the period for the Caribbean region. A comparative study of the Dst ranges and hurricane patterns have also been discussed

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