Examinations Registrarsí Meetings

Event Date(s): 22/06/2015 - 23/06/2015

Location: Conference Room, The Lloyd Braithwaite Student Administration Building

The Examinations Registrars' Meetings will be held at The UWI St. Augustine campus.

Examination Regulation (76) requires Faculty Boards to delegate to their Boards of Examiners, the responsibility for determining examination results, and Regulation 76 stipulates that “where programmes are common to more than one campus, there shall be consultation among the relevant Deans on the determination of the award of First Class Honours”.

ALL First Class cases will be brought to the attention of the meetings and discussions will take place on GPA issues; persons not satisfying the GPA requirement for awards but however attained the minimum number of credits required to graduate.

The Senior/Assistant Registrars, Examinations (Mona, Cave Hill and Open) will be addressing. 

·          Preparation of the UWI Examinations Calendar 2015-2016

·          Workflow processing of Conduct of Examinations – Receipt of Question Papers; Dispatch and return of corrected scripts

·          Strategic Review of Examinations Processes

·          Any other examinations and other related matters

The Boards of Examiners’ Meetings will follow from June 24-26 at the Conference Room, The Lloyd Braithwaite Student Administration Building. 


Admission:By invitation only

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