UWI 60th Anniversary Open Lecture- Wm. A. Wulf

Event Date(s): 06/03/2008

Location: St. Augustine


Some Emerging Roles for Engineers and Their Implications for Engineering Education

Wm. A. Wulf

University Professor, University of Virginia, and

President Emeritus, U.S. National Academy of Engineering

The traditional role of engineers has been to supply solutions to human problems – and we have been enormously successful at that. The technology we have created has transformed virtually every aspect of the human experience. But in the process we have created a society that is also hugely dependant on that technology – technology that the average citizen does not understand, and yet about which those average citizens of a democracy must make crucial decisions. This talk will describe some of the new roles that engineers must play in a technological democracy and the implications of those roles for engineering education.

The lecture will be held on Thursday 6th March at the Learning Resource Centre at 6:30 p.m. All Staff and Students are invited.