CETL Social Networks in Education Workshop

Event Date(s): 01/10/2015

Location: CETL Technology Lab,Teaching and Learning Complex (TLC), UWI St. Augustine

The Centre for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETL) presents a workshop on the topic, Social Networks in Education.

This takes place  from 1 to 4pm. 

About the Workshop

According to ThinkingIT.com, social networking is the way the 21st Century communicates.  Online social networking is a phenomenon that has drastically changed the landscape of how people connect and socialize with each other.  It has also impacted the landscape of education. From Web 2.0 tools such as DeliciousBlogger and Wikipedia to mobile applications such as Instagram and Foursquare, social networking features are a staple of modern technologies in education that benefit both teachers and students. This workshop will introduce participants to personal learning networks (PLNs) such as Pinterest and content-sharing networks such as Slideshare and Youtube.

Workshop Topics:

1.  Defining Social Networks

2.  The Educational Philosophy of Social Networks

3.  The Benefits of Social Networks in Education

4.  Personal Learning Networks

a.  Pinterest

5.  Content Sharing Networks

a.  Slideshare

b.  Youtube

To register, please send your email to cetl@sta.uwi.edu.  Kindly include your title (Ms/Mr/Dr/Prof…) and department in your email. Registration is on a first come first served basis. 


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