UWI Guild of Students' Campus Carnival 2016

Event Date(s): 31/01/2016

Location: UWI St. Augustine

 The UWI Student Guild invites all Tertiary Students who are 18 years and over are invited to attend Campus Carnival 2016 which takes place from noon to 6pm at The UWI St. Augustine.

This all-inclusive event features six bands including Jugglers, Jab Royale, Wings of Valyria, Apache Clan and more. Here's what you need to know to register: 

  • Register now for Campus Carnival by presenting valid Student ID to the Cashier at The UWI Bursary in the Main Administration Building.
  • Students must pay a registration fee of $300 at the Cashier and they will receive 2 receipts.
  • To register for a Band, students are asked to fill out Band Registration Forms at the Guild Office in the Student Activity Centre (SAC).

Students may be able to pay for other students they have copies of their student ID(s) and written permission from that student.

For full details, please visit the Campus Carnival 2016 Facebook Event’s Page by clicking here.

Also, check for updates on the UWI Guild of Students Facebook Page, here.


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