DMLL Linguistics Research Day 2016

Event Date(s): 24/03/2016

Location: Centre for Language Learning (CLL) Auditorium, UWI St. Augustine

The Department of Modern Languages and Linguistics (DMLL), Linguistics Section present Linguistics Research Day 2016 with the theme, Language and Diversity in “Comm-Unities”.

This day of activities take place from 9am to 4pm and 6 to 8pm. 

Sub-themes include:

  • Language Documentation in the Caribbean
  • Identities and Language Communities, and
  • Fostering Acquisition and Literacy

Students will also be formally relaunching the UWI Linguistics Society, there will also be having a fundraising cake sale.

Don’t miss guest speaker Silvia Kouwenberg (UWI Mona) and her LING 3099 Special Project in Linguistics class when they present at 6pm on the topic, The Quality of the Output is Determined by the Quality of the Input: Methodological Issues in New Computational Approaches to Creole Typology.

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