Smart Grid Cyber Security Training

Event Date(s): 05/08/2016

Location: Design Office 1, 2nd Floor Engineering Block 13

 The UWI Smart Grid team invites researchers in the area of smart grid, cyber security and renewable energy technology to register for the Smart Grid Cyber Security Training. This one day training course is scheduled for Friday, August 5 and will be facilitated by Dr. Charles G. Alexi, Tonex Inc. Texas, USA, a renowned expert in the field of Systems Engineering applied to Smart Grid, Energy Management Systems (EMS), SCADA and Power System. Learn about modern power systems, recent smart grid technologies, how to detect potential threats and vulnerabilities in smart grids and more. To register and learn more about the training, please click here.

For more information contact Dr. Davinder Pal Sharma, Department of Physics, email Davinder.Sharma@sta.uwi.edu or 6622002 Ext. 83105

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  • Dr. Davinder Pal Sharma

  • Faculty/Department

    Physics,  Faculty of  Science & Agriculture

  • Tel.: 6622002 Ext. 83105
  • Email: Davinder.Sharma@sta.uwi.edu