UWI 60th Anniversary Couples Luncheon

Event Date(s): 19/07/2008

Location: Mona Visitor's Lodge

The UWI Couples Luncheon – The University of the West Indies has celebrated many accomplishments in its 60 years of existence--from its renowned world class faculty, to its graduates and its research. However, one of its major accomplishments which seems to have gone unnoticed for several decades is its contributions to the development of the region through its matchmaking skills.

For many who attended UWI, a degree or two were not the only pieces of paper which they derived from their attendance at this noble institution. To date, over 350 UWI couples have been identified, i.e. UWI graduates married to UWI graduates and what an impressive list. If there was any way to capture the contribution made by this august group the region and the world would be in awe of the scope of their talents.

The UWI Couples Luncheon will celebrate these couples and not only the personal contributions made in their respective fields but that of their off-springs who are almost all university graduates as well.

What better way to really bring UWI’s true significance to this region into the consciousness of our societies.

If you are a UWI graduate and have not yet registered in this exclusive club, please do so now. We want to know who you are and where you are, whether you will or will not be attending the event.

However, we are encouraging everyone to participate in what will be a fun-filled occasion of rekindling old friendships, meeting new friends and taking a stroll down memory lane.


COST: US $70 per couple

Time: 12:00 Noon