Communication Studies Research Expo 2017 - Create. Connect. Converse.

Event Date(s): 06/04/2017

Location: UWI St. Augustine, JFK Quadrangle

You are invited to the Communications Studies Research Expo 2017! The Expo centers on is based on cutting-edge research projects conducted by final-year Communication Studies students exploring the divisive communication issues facing the Media, the Public, the Health Sector, and other contemporary arenas  such as Gender, and Sport.

The Expo takes place from 1 to 4pm under the theme: Create. Connect. Converse.

To view the printable Communications Studies Expo poster, please click here.

About Comms Expo Booths and Displays

The booth displays where their research will be visually and verbally articulated will be an exhilarating experience for anyone who is interested in becoming a more intelligent consumer of media. The theme Create. Connect. Converse. is all about empowering the everyday citizen to become a more powerful communicator. Students will display the results of their research to the public and the wider university community.



Open to: | General Public | Staff | Student | Alumni |