DMLLpresents Patois Film Afternoon

Event Date(s): 26/10/2017

Location: UWI St. Augustine, Centre for Language Learning (CLL) Auditorium

In commemoration of International Creole Day (Mwa Kwéyòl Toupatou Asou Latè-a) on October 28, the French and Linguistics Sections of the Department of Modern Languages and Linguistics (DMLL) presents Patois Film Afternoon, supported by students of the UWI Linguistics Society and the UWI French Society.

Patois Film Afternoon features film screenings focusing on Trinidadian French Creole and its modern day speakers and promoters followed by a Q&A and quiz session. The films include: Linguistic Landscapes (25 mins); The Road Less Travelled (15 mins); C’est Quitte (59 mins) and Sèptant Lanné Ansanm (15 mins).

The event takes place from 1.30 to 3.30pm. 

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