Guild Fest 2019 - D.A.R.E. (Daring Advocates Readily Engaged)

Event Date(s): 02/09/2019 - 07/09/2019

Location: UWI St. Augustine, JFK Quadrangle, TGR North Car Park

The Guild of Students hosts Guild Fest 2019 under the theme, D.A.R.E (Daring Advocates Readily Engaged).

Check out this week of activities taking place from September 2 to 7 at the JFK Quadrangle, TGR North Car Park. Find out more below.                                                                             

Guild Fest 2019 Activities




Monday September  2

Flag Raising Ceremony

5.30 to 7am

Guild Fest Opening Ceremony

10 to 10.30am

Guild Village Expo

10.30am to 3pm

Spiritual Night “Dare to be Enlightened”

7 to 9.3pm

Tuesday September 3

Guild Village Expo (continues)

10am to 3pm

Parade of the Nations

Noon to 3pm

Cultural Night –   Dare to be Cultured

7 to 9.30pm

Wednesday September 4

 “Dare to be an Entrepreneur”

10am to 3pm

Open Mic Night

7 to 9.30pm

Thursday September 5

Sports Village

10 to 4pm

Taste UWI

Noon to 3pm

Hall Spirit Night

8 to 11pm

For more about the Student Guild 2019-2020, please click here                                                                       

About Guild Fest

Guild Fest is an explosion of passion, culture and celebration of diversity. It is the first student led orientation event hosted on the first teaching week of the new academic year by the Guild Council. This event integrates all arms of the Guild of Students and while celebrating oneness allows students to be exposed to opportunities for engagement. Throughout the week, the National Associations, U.W.I Clubs, corporate entities and various support services departments in The UWI are present to share information to the new and returning students about what is available to them on campus. During this week, the Guild collaborates with internal partners, NGOs and corporate sponsors to engage, educate and inspire students to become holistic members of The UWI and society. Guild Fest fosters creativity, teamwork, activism and a sense of belonging to The UWI and gives true meaning to Pelican Pride. UWI clubs, National Associations and Halls of Residence partake in this week of festivities, that showcase an integration of food, dance, singing and culture while the Guild Fest’s signature Night Agenda, highlights the culture, diversity, talent and the spirit of The UWI. Guild Fest is a highly anticipated event hosted on UWI STA which supports the orientation of new students to campus life.


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