Towards an Entrepreneurial UWI: Lessons learned from The UWI Cardiac Surgery Simulator Webinar

Event Date(s): 04/03/2020

Location: Online

The Office of the Pro Vice-Chancellor Graduate Studies and Research continues their Innovation and Entrepreneurship Webinar series with a presentation on the topic: Towards an Entrepreneurial UWI: Lessons learned from The UWI Cardiac Surgery Simulator.

The webinar will be led by Professor of Computer Science, Daniel Coore, from the Department of Computing at The UWI Mona campus.

Tune in on March 4 from 2 to 3.30pm. A Q&A session will follow.

Register via www.uwi.edu/ogsrwebinars.

For further details about the webinar, please email: lyn.keith@sta.uwi.edu.

More about Towards an Entrepreneurial UWI: Lessons learned from The UWI Cardiac Surgery Simulator Webinar

The UWI has recently begun transforming itself into an ‘entrepreneurial university’. 

An entrepreneurial university—through its policies, teaching and research—inculcates a mind-set that encourages entrepreneurial activity.  It also provides or hosts specific facilities (e.g. a technology transfer office) and initiatives (e.g. business competitions) which enable entrepreneurial activity.  At The UWI Mona Campus, these characteristic qualities are present in degree programmes offered, but can be strengthened. 

One of Professor Daniel Coore’s most successful endeavours is the development of the software for the UWI Cardiac Surgery Simulator – a device that uses software to animate a (real) pig’s heart in a mock (human) chest cavity to simulate the conditions of the operating theatre during open heart surgery, for the purposes of training cardiac surgery residents. The experience of licensing the patent for The UWI Cardiac Surgery Simulator, highlighted many of the gaps in technology transfer capabilities at the Campus.

This discussion will examine how those gaps can be closed and outline other parallel activities required in order for The UWI to achieve its goal of becoming an entrepreneurial university.

Coore Webinar 2020 

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