2020 Smart Technologies for Sustainable Development Lecture by Faculty of Engineering

Event Date(s): 12/03/2020

Location: UWI St. Augustine, Engineering Room 101, Block 1

The Faculty of Engineering hosts the 2020 Smart Technologies for Sustainable Development (STSD-2020A) Lecture with presenters Dr. Marcus George and Mr. Simeon Ramjit. 

This lecture is part of a series on Smart Technologies for Sustainable Development.

Be there on March 12 at 1pm in Engineering Room 101, Block 1. The lecture is free and all are invited.

Scheduled presentations include:

  • Enabling Smart Cities in Trinidad and Tobago via Development of Intelligent Street Lighting Networks by Dr. Marcus George
  • Smart Agricultural Irrigation Monitor to Aid Crop Production in Trinidad and Tobago by Mr. Simeon Ramjit.

About Enabling Smart Cities in Trinidad and Tobago via Development of Intelligent Street Lighting Networks by Dr. Marcus George

National security is generally a concept that the institution of government, along with its many arms/components should protect the state and its citizens against all national crises through a variety of power projections. There are many elements of national security such as military security, political security, cyber-security, economic security, environmental security, etc. Threats to national security reside inside and outside of the boundaries of the country. Some of the internal threats are vehicular accidents, riots, criminal activities such as murder, robbery, assault, etc.

Traditionally street lighting systems were used for provision of lighting to communities and on roadways especially for visibility purposes. One innovative solution to maximising national security is by development of an intelligent street lighting network capable of maximising national security in communities and roadways as well as minimizing operational costs. The system should be capable of communications with a central administrative unit for analysis and citizen awareness purposes.

The lecture will focus on street lights from an intelligent perspective and proposes enabling of smart cities and boroughs via the development of intelligent street lighting networks capable of acquiring and analysing data all towards increasing national security while at the same time reducing operation costs.

About Smart Agricultural Irrigation Monitor to Aid Crop Production in Trinidad and Tobago by Mr. Simeon Ramji

In agriculture, irrigation is a crucial component of crop production. Trinidad and Tobago faces two seasons: "dry" and “rainy” seasons. In the dry season rainfall is scarce and irrigation must take place in order to provide plants with the necessary moisture required for successful growth. In the rainy season there is excessive rainfall which may result in waterlogging of soil. Many farmers however apply irrigation without measure of the actual amount of water applied and the optimum requirements for plant growth. This may lead to over-irrigation or under-irrigation. Over-irrigation and under-irrigation introduce many negative consequences to the farming practice, all resulting in financial loss to the farmers and their livelihoods.

This secondary lecture will focus on the development of a smart agricultural irrigation monitor to aid crop production in Trinidad and Tobago. In the rainy season excessive rainfall may result in too much moisture being applied to land so this system will also be capable of indicating to an administrator the status of soil moisture during rainfall.

For more information, please email marcus.george@sta.uwi.edu.


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