NEW DATE: Will 11+ Selection and Placement Always Be a Part of Our Future? Virtual Symposium by SOE

Event Date(s): 26/08/2020

Location: Online via UWI St. Augustine's YouTube Channel

The School of Education under the Faculty of Humanities and Education invites you to participate in the virtual Symposium on the topic, Will 11+ Selection and Placement Always Be a Part of Our Future?

The symposium takes place now take place on August 26 from 10:00a.m. live on our UWI St. Augustine YouTube channel here: https://www.youtube.com/user/uwistaugustine.

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Policy change becomes especially difficult when the issue is complex and without obvious solutions. These are described as “wicked policy issues” and require extensive discussion, experimentation, and evidence for even partial resolution. Retaining or removing the 11+ as a mechanism of early selection and placement is an example of such a policy issue. Complexity arises because of the different experiences and values held by stakeholders, the embeddedness of the policy in social life and structures, and the historical and philosophical links that make all of us attune to the policy- Are examinations the fairest, most transparent means of selection.

Many postcolonial and Western societies have had to confront the issue of early selection. What have they done? How have they confronted the intended and unintended consequences? Zoning students to three-mile clusters is not the only answer to removing selection; in fact, most students are already zoned by the Ministry of Education (rather than having a choice). Thus the choice might be more imagined than real and available only to a few. Recently Barbados has decided to bite the bullet and remove 11+selection.

This may only be an intention and is yet to become reality. Singapore, while reducing examinations in primary schools and rewards for those scoring highly in the final exit examination, decided to retain Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE). What about Trinidad and Tobago?

Will the SEA fit into our futures as we strive for greater economic competitiveness?

What should be our pathway for change?

These issues will form the basis of discussion for this virtual symposium.

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