UWI Blood Donor Foundation hosts 18th voluntary blood drive

Event Date(s): 05/12/2020

Location: Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex

The UWI Blood Donor Foundation will be hosting its eighteenth voluntary blood drive on Saturday 5th December 2020 from 8 am - 4 pm at the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex. At the last blood drive, they succeeded in collecting 65 voluntary pints of blood.

This was a huge accomplishment given the circumstances and your support is needed to ensure the upcoming blood drive will be a succes.

To follow the social distancing guidelines, blood donations will be done at two locations on the compound of the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex:

1) The blood bank

2) A mobile blood unit at the Southern Car Park

This will be a PURELY VOLUNTARY blood drive, which has tremendous benefits. Your blood donation can help save the lives of people who need blood transfusions. 

The steps below outline the blood donation process which will ensure the safety of our donors and staff by maintaining social distancing regulations.

1.     Make an appointment using the following link. This appointment system will limit the number of donors present on the site at one time.https://doodle.com/poll/98q535zcm3merxga?utm_source=poll&utm_medium=link

2.     You will be contacted to confirm your time and tell you the location where you would be donating.

3.     On arrival at the site, please stay in your car and message in the WhatsApp group to notify the team. (Note that the WhatsApp group will be created closer to the blood drive date). Donors who arrive via other means of transportation can proceed to the allocated waiting area.

4.     A staff member will message donors when it is their turn to proceed to screening and donation.

Please note that facilities will be in place to allow hand-sanitization and facilitate social distancing.

Check out the Facebook event page:https://www.facebook.com/events/396371301549607

For information about the health criteria for donating blood:http://uwiblood.com/health-criteria-for-blood-donation/

For further click here or contact:290 0600, 778 8782, 492 4739 or 390 1611



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