Nature Speaks: A Virtual Spoken Word Event

Event Date(s): 16/09/2021

The UWI Biological Society is an environmental organisation on the UWI St. Augustine Campus that is dedicated to conducting conservation initiatives and raising awareness about the urgency of taking action to reverse environmental degradation.

To raise awareness and inspire others, The UWI Biological Society will be hosting a Nature Speaks: A Virtual Spoken Word Event on September 16, 2021 from 1 - 4 p.m.

This event calls for Spoken Word Artists of all levels to submit and perform their very own environmentally based spoken word pieces. 

Registration for this event can be done via the link below. Within this link, participants can submit a rough draft of their spoken word piece. 

Click here to register

Deadline for Submissions: August 27

As spoken word is a vital art form that can be utilized to inspire and educate, The UWI Biological Society hopes to see nature speak through our participants at this event.

Newcomers to the art of spoken word can look forward to an online workshop in collaboration with The 2 Cents Movement

Workshop Session 1 (Educational aspect): Monday 23rd August at 6:00 pm 

Workshop Session 2 (Performance aspect): Tuesday 24th August at 6:00 pm


Both sessions for the Spoken Word Workshop can be accessed via this link:  


Persons with questions can contact: david.power@my.uwi.edu

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