Equity-Oriented Assessment in an Era of Education Recover

Event Date(s): 17/01/2022

At the end of 2021 with a year and more of school closure, the Caribbean now stands ready to engage in education recovery and transformation. But what strategies are now needed to create sustainable change? What approaches will likely make the biggest impact? What tools can classroom teachers use to accelerate learning?  

As a strategy, the School of Education introduces you not to continuous assessment but to formative assessment (Also called Assessment for learning and Assessment as Learning). 

Join the Virtual 2-Part Symposium: Equity-Oriented Assessment in an Era of Education Recovery 

Dates:     Part 1-January 17, 2022 

                Part 2- January 19, 2022 

                4:30 p.m. - 6:30 p.m.  (AST)


 Presenters for January 17, 2022: 

  • Freddy James - What are some useful Strategies for the Education Recovery 
  • Jerome De Lisle - From Efficiency Oriented to Equity Oriented Assessment- Is the Caribbean ready? 
  • Carla Kronberg - Why use formative classroom assessment as a tool in recovery? 
  • Paulson Skerrit - Assessing Reading and Reading Loss in an era of Education Recovery 
  • Korinne Louison - Is there a role for psychoeducational assessment in Education Recovery? 

Presenters for January 19, 2022 

  • Nalini Ramsawak-Jodha - Employing instructionally sensitive large-scale assessments in Mathematics- Does the SEA now measure up? 
  • Tracey Lucas - Rubrics, Exhibitions, and Projects-Tips on how to assess transversal skills using the FPSI 
  • PANEL: Patricia Claxton, Reina Braithwaite, Nicola Mark, Carla Kronberg, Jerome De Lisle - The FPSI classroom assessment model- is it for me? 
  • Jerome De Lisle & Nisha Harry - Modelling Formative Assessment Change- The emerging role of PLCs for Professional Learning & Teacher Change 
  • Krishna Seunarinesingh & Sharon Jaggernauth - What is the way forward for Education Recovery-A New Vision for Creating Deeper Learning in the Trinidad and Tobago Classroom 

For more information, contact: SOE.REOunit@sta.uwi.edu 

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