National Statistics, a Culture of Best Practice and The Establishment of The NSITT

Event Date(s): 25/03/2022

Join the Sir Arthur Lewis Institute of Social and Economic Studies (SALISES) at the virtual webinar; National Statistics, a Culture of Best Practice and The Establishment of The National Statistical Institute of Trinidad and Tobago (NSITT): Imperatives for Securing National Development  on Friday March 25 at 10 a.m.

Throughout the 1980s, 1990s, and 2000s, there have been numerous efforts to restructure the CSO to ensure that it remains fit for purpose in accordance with changing, more sophisticated temporal demands for statistical services.  For almost 50 years, there has virtually been no change in management and governance structures in the CSO, rendering the current CSO structure to be almost 50 years in arrears.  In January 2016, the national intelligentsia was heartened by the news of the establishment of a Task Force charged with the preparation of a report that would inform the establishment of a National Statistical Institute for Trinidad and Tobago. That assignment was completed in early 2017 and the ensuing Report was discussed, debated, and commented upon in several national arenas. As of 2022, the CSO is yet to transition into a National Statistical Institute of Trinidad and Tobago. Whatever are the obstacles impeding progress regarding this national development requirement, the time has come to revisit the notion of the NSITT with a view to fast-tracking its establishment.  The Virtual Forum seeks to re-energize the debate and propel all critical stakeholders into recognizing the significance of the NSITT to nation-building as Trinidad and Tobago approaches its 60th anniversary of national independence.

Forum speakers include: 


  • Professor Sir Ian Diamond  
  • Dr. Abdullahi Abdulkadri 
  • Mr. Lance Busby
  • Dr. Godfrey St. Bernard 
  • Mr. Gabriel Gamez 
  • Mr. Desmond Perry
  • Dr. Wesley Yung


Interested persons can register using the following link, https://bit.ly/SALISESnationalstatistics

For more information, email Cathy-Ann.Modeste@sta.uwi.edu or visit https://sta.uwi.edu/salises/


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