The UWI Faculty Café

Event Date(s): 07/04/2022

As a way of addressing multiple pathways of faculty development, the CETL is introducing a new format of capacity-building.  This faculty-led event focuses on allowing faculty to share and reflect on the various instructional tools, strategies and or approaches used in the physical and online classroom settings. This will take the form of an unconference format where 6-8 persons will seat in group for no more than 30 minutes.  Each participant will get the opportunity to switch between groups for up to 30 minutes each cycle.  Register to secure your space in this event.

Topics include:

  1. Creative uses for Discussion Forums: Learn how faculty uses creative ways to conduct discussion forums for student engagement and critical thinking.
  2. Formatting and Presentation: Preparing visually engaging layouts and navigational experiences for lecturers and students in a Moodle environment.
  3. Flipped Learning Implementation:  Session will focus on practical way of implementing flipped learning for a class - integrating the methodology and the technology tools.
  4. Peer Assessment in MyeLearning: Learn how one faculty uses MyeLearning workshop module to enable peer assessment in course
  5. Creative Assessment Strategies: Learn how one faculty uses creative means to assess learners
  6. Google Slides: Google Slides for increased interaction between students engaged in online learning

Date: April 7 2022

Time: 1 - 3 p.m.


  • Dr. LeRoy Hill,
  • Dr. Justin Zephyrine,
  • Mr. Javed Mohammed,
  • Mr. Omar Small, Mr. Troy Carrington,
  • Dr. Cathy Radix, Dr. Lisa Benjamin,

To register  go to:  https://cetl-workshops.corsizio.com/c/622f483987d01c81b6bdb1bb

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