CETL Workshop: Creating your ePortfolio

Event Date(s): 08/04/2022

A portfolio is now a critical aspect of an educational practitioner’s career that provides comprehensive evidence or documentation of conceptualizations, initiatives, impact/effectiveness and professional development. It is one way through which teaching is assessed and/or rewarded. In the 21st century Higher Education landscape, many universities around the world require prospective faculty members present an e-portfolio as supporting documentation in their application for employment. Other entities are also requiring the submission of an e-portfolio for various teaching awards.

This workshop will provide you with an orientation to e-portfolio development. Not only will this session explore the components/content of an e-portfolio, but it will also provide you with insight to the process and the various platforms that may be used for the creation of an e-portfolio site. By the end of this workshop, you will possess the knowledge and skills in e-portfolio development. This session is intended to assist teaching staff assess and document their teaching effectiveness and to prepare for the biennial UWI/Guardian Group Teaching Awards and/or other global teaching awards.

Topics Included:

1.      What is a Teaching e-Portfolio and Why is it Important?

2.      Content Pillars of Your Teaching e-Portfolio

3.      Models for Reflective Practice and e-Portfolio Development

4.      Technology Platforms for e-Portfolio Development

5.      The Teaching ePortfolio Development Process: Insight & Faculty Perspective 


-Dr. Justin Zephyrine, eLearning Support Specialist 

-Mr. Javed Mohammed, eLearning Support Specialist, The CETL, The UWI


DATE: Friday 8th April

TIME: 1.30pm - 4.30pm

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