Coping with the Post-COVID-19 Pandemic Health and Economic Environment

Event Date(s): 12/08/2022

The UWI Youth Social Impact Platform (UWySIP) was birthed in 2022 and is an initiative of the HEU, Centre for Health Economics, The UWI, St Augustine formulated to create an avenue to empower and encourage young persons to engage in dialogue on issues they believe to be pertinent to improve their opportunities for advancement and development. They are therefore provided with an opportunity to represent and advocate their needs and interests in a way that could strengthen youth involvement in policy-making.

Join them in collaboration with the Department of Economics- Youth Economic Forum and the Economics Society of The University of the West Indies, St Augustine Campus as they embark on their inaugural initiative,  Coping with the Post-COVID-19 Pandemic Health and Economic Environment- A Youth Perspective on Current Labour Market Challenges and Opportunities sponsored by Republic Bank Limited.

Featured Speakers are: 

  • Ms. Racheal Renie - Managing Director, Market Movers Ltd. 
  • Ms. Chade Smith - President (2022/2023), Young Economists' Association, University of the West Indies, Cave Hill Campus 
  • Ms. Cherene Mohammed - Programme Psychologist, On-the-Job Training Division, Ministry of Labour’s, Training Division 

Moderator: Ms. Ruquyyhah Scott - Young Scholar (Intern) HEU, Centre for Health Economics and Former ESU President. 

Date: Friday 12th August 2022

Time: 10 a.m. 

Platform: Zoom

Interested persons can register using the following linkhttps://bit.ly/youthperspectiveonlabourmarket

For more information, email Centre.HealthEconomics@sta.uwi.edu



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