WEBINAR: Gun-Related Violence and Criminal Homicide in Caribbean Societies

Event Date(s): 29/09/2022

Location: Virtual

Gun-violence, gangs, and criminal homicide have become staples in the Caribbean crime scene.  Several CARICOM Member States have become besieged by criminal homicide based on the use of guns as the primary weapon of choice.  Member states such as Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago, and Belize stand out but regional episodes and trends suggest that other member states have witnessed similar violent episodes and have expressed similar concerns regarding the proliferation of guns and the formation of gangs.

Notwithstanding folk knowledge that may have utility in addressing these problems, it is essential that more formal studies be brought to bear upon though process and decision-making that revolve around treating with the proliferation of guns, gang formation, and criminal homicide.  To this end, the upcoming SALISES Virtual Forum entitled Gun-Related Violence and Criminal Homicide in Caribbean Societies: Data Driven Insights and Expert Reflections Towards Ameliorative Action provides an opportunity for critical engagement and reflections based on formal studies and having utility in harbouring safer and more peaceful communities within disparate territorial spaces. This webinar will be hosted virtually on Thursday September 29 from 10 a.m.

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The forum targets a wide array of entities that may have a vested interest in the following outcomes:

  • brokering peace,
  • reducing gun violence and gun homicide, 
  • discouraging gang formation,  
  • gaining control over the stock and flow of guns within national jurisdictions, 
  • counteracting the illegal possession of firearms, 
  • understanding cultural, social and psychological factors that have positively impacted gun violence, gun homicide, and gang formation, 
  • obtaining formal data and associated analyses to frame public opinion, 
  • reviewing the role of justice systems in addressing gun violence, gun homicide, and gang formation, 
  • promoting legislative agendas to address issues and consequences associated with the proliferation of guns in national jurisdictions, and  participating in constructive discourses informed by objective criteria in the dissemination of information


Topics and Presenters

Gun Violence and Gun Homicide in Caribbean Societies - Anthropological Perspective  

Dr. Herbert Gayle, Senior Lecturer, Department of Sociology, Psychology and Social Work, Faculty of Social Sciences, The UWI, Mona

Gun Violence and Gun Homicide in Trinidad and Tobago – Criminological and Societal Insights  

Prof. Charles Katz, Director, Center for Violence Prevention and Community Safety, Arizona State University, Phoenix, USA

Trends and Patterns – Twenty-Years of Gun Homicide in Trinidad and Tobago 

Dr. Godfrey St. Bernard, Acting Director, Sir Arthur Lewis Institute of Social and Economic Studies, The UWI, St. Augustine

Success Stories and Lessons Learned in Counteracting Gun Violence and Gun Homicide in Jamaica - The Work of the Violence Prevention Alliance  

Dr. Elizabeth Ward, Chair, Violence Prevention Alliance - Jamaica, The UWI, Mona

The Lure of the Gangs, Gun Violence and Gun Homicide in Trinidad and Tobago  

Dr. Ericka Adams, Associate Professor, Department of Justice Studies, San José State University, USA

Gun Violence, Gun Homicide and Justice Systems in Trinidad and Tobago: What is to be Done? 

Dr. Wendell Wallace, Lecturer and Deputy Dean - Distance Education and Outreach, Faculty of Social Sciences, The UWI, St. Augustine

Recent Episodes of Gun Violence and Gangs Formation in Belize  

Dr. Wayne Pitts, Research Criminologist, RTI International, USA





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