Advancing Institutional and People-Centred National Development Options in Trinidad and Tobago

Event Date(s): 14/10/2022

Location: Online

The national budget statement that is presented annually can also be deemed an instrument embracing critical development thought with implications for short, medium and long-tern development trajectories within national settings.  This webinar aims to address philosophical, theoretical, methodological, and substantive issues akin to the 2023 Fiscal Package presented by the Minister of Finance, The Government of Trinidad and Tobago, on Monday 26th September, 2022.  The forum will provide an alternative reflection on discourses surrounding the national budget presentation and unearth novel insights that can potentially advance the vision and mission of national development that ought to be people-centred.

This webinar is geared to

  1. Facilitate scholarly development thought in the discussion of the 2022/2023 Fiscal Package of The Government of Trinidad and Tobago. 
  2. Add to the store of instructional and informative materials facilitated by SALISES and deemed to be critical in expanding the knowledge-base of all actors with interest in advocating for national development. 
  3. Provide a platform for novel insights to emerge especially in the context of supporting progressive arguments in support of actions that redound to best interests of Trinidad and Tobago. 
  4. Stimulate similar discussion in other national jurisdictions whenever they embark on similar fiscal exercise.

Topics and presenters include:

  • Dr. Robert Stewart  
  • Assessing Options for Framing Development in Trinidad and Tobago – A Response to the 2023 Trinidad and Tobago Statement  
  • Dr. Indira Rampersad;  
  • Budgeting in the Westminster Political System  
  • Dr. Daren Conrad 
  • Job Creation Prospects and Economic Diversification – A Response to the 2023 Trinidad and Tobago Budget Statement  
  • Dr. Henry Charles  
  • Building Human and social Capital through Youth Participation – A Response to the 2023 Trinidad and Tobago Budget Statement  
  • Dr. Jennifer Rouse  
  • Budgeting in Response to an Aging Population – The Case of Contemporary Trinidad and Tobago  
  • Mr. Anselm Richards  
  • Meeting the Needs of the THA – A Response to the 2023 Budget Statement  
  • Dr. Tyehimba Salandy  
  • Responding to the National Development Philosophy Framing the 2023 Trinidad and Tobago Budget Statement  

Date: Thursday 13th October 2022

Time: 10:00 am  Platform: Zoom

Interested persons can register using the following link, https://bit.ly/salisesbudgetresponseforum

For more information, email Cathy-Ann.Modeste@sta.uwi.edu or visit https://sta.uwi.edu/salises/

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