Virtual Roundtable: Russian Higher Education in the Context of War in Ukraine

Event Date(s): 21/10/2022

Location: Online

Friday ,October 21 at 11 a.m. , the Open Society University Network (OSUN) invites The UWI community to join a virtual roundtable titled, Russian Higher Education in the Context of War in Ukraine

The round table which will be held in English is dedicated to presenting the first courses and public lectures of the Smolny Beyond Borders project. They are all related to the theme of the war and the circumstances that gave rise to it. The discussion will touch upon the goals of the online project, its audience, and prospects.

The process of strengthening control over Russian universities did not start right away, but reached a new level with the intensification of Russian aggression in Ukraine. This included an assault on liberal arts programmes in Russia, including SPBSU’s dismantling of Smolny/Faculty of Liberal arts and Sciences. What can and should those who left do, and what choice do those who stay have? How can the experience accumulated over the years of Russian-American cooperation be preserved in the new situation? 

Register via: https://osun-eu.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_YqVFH1TsQl217NNaX7ZkWw 

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