Virtual Book Launch: Managing New Security Threats in the Caribbean

Event Date(s): 17/01/2023

Location: Online

Interested persons are invited to view online the Launch of the Book Managing New Security Threats in the Caribbean. The Editors of this book are Georgina Chami, Jerome Teelucksingh, Marlon Anatol.

This book examines non-traditional forms of security and expands the notion of security to include non-state actors and non-human actors. With a wide-ranging look into some of the ‘new’ security threats facing state and non-state actors today, this book is designed to specifically offer new angles on tackling these threats in the Caribbean region. It explores issues relating to viruses, war and conflict, migration, geopolitics, climate change and terrorism through multi- and interdisciplinary perspectives on global (in-)securities. Each chapter clearly elucidates the connectedness of these non-traditional threats, drawing on a remarkable number of the most recent reports and scholarly works. Most importantly, there is a lack of Caribbean studies in the security themes that are studied. This book is a much-needed and timely addition to intellectual thought on Caribbean security in an increasingly fragmented world. It will be of great interest to students of international security studies, human security, global politics, and international relations.

This Launch will be held on Tuesday 17 January 2023 at 4:00 p.m.

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