Transportation Lecture Series: Session #2

Event Date(s): 13/02/2023

Location: Lecture Theatre 2, Block 13, Faculty of Engineering

The Department of Management in Collaboration with the Department of Economics and the Department of Civil Engineering continues its Transportation Lecture Series by Professor Angela Francke who is a Professor for Bicycle Traffic and Sustainable Mobility at the University of Kassel, one of the very first German cycling professorships. She is a Visiting Researcher via the Erasmus program.

The Lecture Series:

PRESENTATION 2: Feb 13th | 5pm-7pm | VENUE: Lecture Theatre 2, Block 13, Faculty of Engineering

Active Mobility- The mobility of the future?!  

This presentation discusses the question of how the city of the future could look like, why there is a need for sustainable mobility and what kind of obstacles and solutions exist. 


Presentation 3: Feb. 14th| 10:30a.m. - 11.30 a.m.

This session will be hosted online, interested persons can click here to register

Mobility behaviour - How to influence the road user. 

Being mobile is a major need of every person. We discuss in this lecture what influences behaviour and give many examples and small videos. 


Presenter: Professor Angela Francke 

Co-Presenter: Kathrine Agong – Transportation Demand Model for Trinidad and Tobago 


Attendance at the event is FREE  

Open to: | General Public |