Tracing the Evolution/Devolution of the Carnival in Trinidad and Tobago

Event Date(s): 24/02/2023

The Sir Arthur Lewis Institute for Social and Economic and presents Tracing the Evolution/Devolution of the Carnival in Trinidad and Tobago”. In Trinidad and Tobago, the Carnival Product continues to respond to innovation, change, and especially international forces that are critical in its evolution with the passage of time.   This forum provides formal information for professionals with interests in the Carnival Brand Trinidad and Tobago; tertiary-level students in Sociology, Carnival Studies, Cultural Studies, International Relations, and Economics; and development analysts, administrators, and laypersons with an interest in T&T’s Carnival Brand and its continued evolution locally, regionally and globally.  The COVID-19 Pandemic has upset equilibria associated with the T&T Carnival Brand to the extent that the 2023 T&T Carnival has been dubbed the Mother of ALL Carnivals.  This TT Brand is expected to respond favourably to the vicissitudes of time and relies upon the dissemination of novel insights based on sober judgement to achieve a sustainable future for the full range of festivities especially in the Mecca of the Festival.  The T&T Carnival Brand has to prevail given its contribution to sustained livelihoods for individuals and families, its historico-cultural significance, and its capacity to facilitate greater equity in the distribution of household wealth.  These discussions should provide food for thought in the face of advancing economic fortunes in the presence of epidemiological risks and an uncertain future.

Trinidad and Tobago has blessed global spaces with T&T Style Carnival Product that has gained ascendance globally and prevail more predominantly than other popularised Carnival genres.  Innovation and change are constant factors propelling standards and the evolution/devolution processes associated with the T&T Carnival Brand.  Trinidad and Tobago has to be mindful of its hegemonic influence and be at the forefront in shaping the dynamic character of the T&T Carnival Brand locally, regionally, and internationally.  Trinidad and Tobago prides itself as the Mecca  of the T&T Carnival Brand and has to be responding progressively and with rational thought to inevitable change processes.  To this end, the panellists are expected to bring sober judgments that mix and combine with those emerging from other public commentators to provide a broader vision for critical decision-makers with administrative clout and a capacity to assure sustainable futures for the T&T Carnival Product locally, regionally, and globally in 2023 and beyond.

Featured Speaker: Prof. Anton Allahar


  • Dr. Marlene Attzs
  • Dr. Joanne Tull
  • Dr. Lester Efebo Wilkinson

Date: Friday 24th February 2023

Time: 10: am 

Platform: Zoom

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