CARICOM/UWI Reparations Commission Symposium

Event Date(s): 02/03/2023

Location: Online

The CARICOM Reparations Commission Symposium, in collaboration with The UWI’s Centre for Reparation Research & The PJ Patterson Institute for Africa-Caribbean Advocacy is hosting an all-day symposium titled “Reparations and Royalty, Africa and Europe: Exploding Myths and Empowering Truths,” on Thursday  March 2 from 10:00am at The UWI Regional Headquarters in Jamaica.

The argument that Africans “sold us into slavery and owe us reparations” is widespread in the West and is the major obstacle to mass support for the reparation movement in the Caribbean. 

This Forum aims to:

- discuss openly & honestly the roles of African and European Royalties in the trans-Atlantic Trafficking in Enslaved Africans and the Chattelization of Africans;

- seek answers to questions like a) who should bear the major responsibility for initiating the capturing and trading of African peoples (TTA) and their use as chattel enslaved on plantations and other types of properties in the Caribbean and elsewhere; b) who benefitted economically, socially and politically from the TTA and plantation construction and exploitation?; c) what was the extent of resistance to these crimes against humanity on all sides of the Atlantic?; d) who should pay reparations and in what forms? 

Join the conversation live via UWItv, on www.uwitv.org OR www.facebook.com/UWItv.



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