21st Century Assessment in HE Panel Discussion

Event Date(s): 03/04/2023

With the evolving landscape of higher education (HE), traditional courses/programmes, modes of delivery, and instructional activities are no longer the same. The recent pandemic, technological advancement, and the kinds of learners in our teaching contexts have further necessitated a paradigm shift. This shift has also extended to educational assessments, which is an integral part of 21st century teaching and learning. While standardized tests may have been the prevalent methods of traditional assessments, assessments in the 21st century encompass a variety of methods that include project-based, authentic, experiential and/or technology-mediated approaches. As part of the Faculty Professional Development (FPD) week-long series of events, this panel discussion opens the door to clarify the marriage between foundational principles and contemporary conceptualizations of assessments in Higher Education. The panel comprises local and regional specialists in the field of educational assessments, with a wealth of knowledge and experience that will provide guidance as you navigate through this new landscape. Panel discussion topics include:

1.  Alternative Assessments in HE

2.  Technology’s Place in Contemporary HE Assessments

3.  Assessments and Inclusive Higher Education

4.  Alignment in HE Assessments

5.  Do Educational Assessments in HE Have to Be So Stressful?

6.  Tips on Grading and Feedback in HE Assessments

7.  What do HE Assessments Look Like in the 21st Century?


Date  April 3 2023 from 1:30 - 3 p.m.

Presenters:  Dr. Leroy Hill, Prof. Jerome De Lisle, Dr. Eraldine Williams-Shakespeare, Dr. Sylvia Henry

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