Conference: Exploring Vulnerability and Caribbean Leadership

Event Date(s): 19/10/2023 - 21/10/2023

Location: Learning Resource Centre, The UWI St Augustine Campus

The Tavistock Institute of Human Relations in collaboration with the Faculty of Social Sciences invites you to a Group Relations Conference on the theme Power Authority Trust:  Exploring Vulnerability and Caribbean Leadership. This conference will take place October 19-21, 2023 at the Learning Resource Centre on The UWI St. Augustine Campus.

A Group Relations Conference is an educational event which is based on learning through experience. The conference design has been developed by the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations, since 1957. It provides a unique framework, within which senior and aspiring senior leaders, are able to learn about themselves, and the ways that groups and organisations affect them in taking up their roles. The strategic and structural dynamics of organizations can be studied and understood, and the knowledge can then be applied. 

This Conference is for anyone interested in developing a deeper understanding of managerial and leadership processes in organisations. The Conference provides a structured context of different systems and sub-systems in the “here and now”. It explores the dynamics of leadership, presence, authority, change, dissent, collaboration and transformation as they arise and unfold. Participants may come from private and public organizations and include Business Leaders, Consultants, Board Members, CEOs, Managers, Clinicians, Administrators, HR, Marketing, Production and Financial Professionals, Public Sector Managers, Local Authorities, Political, Diplomatic, NGOs, Religious, National Security, Educators, Activists, Researchers, Team Leaders, Medical Professionals.


Benefits to participants include: 

- Identifying personal characteristics while exercising leadership and the effect on others

- Recognising how phenomena such as alliance and coalition formation affect the understanding of the group, by the group; and how it shapes motives and power bases 

- Exploring competition, rivalry and what lies beyond immediate awareness that remains hidden in everyday interaction - Locating and managing resistance to change in yourself and others 

- Understanding how you influence or are influenced by others and the ensuing consequences - intended or unintended 

- Developing skills and sharpening insights into how strategies take shape when groups function

- Developing a capacity for creativity and interpersonal relationships and building better team performers 

- Inspiring strategic thinking and improving the capacity to lead in turbulent times 

- Recognizing the barriers to communication 


Benefits to organizations include:  

- Increased capacity to lead and manage in a rapidly changing and complex Environment 

- Enhanced leadership and communication culture, inspiring higher levels of responsibility, accountability, productivity and profitability 

- Inspiring healthy interpersonal communication among the leadership and general staff 

- Assisting department leaders to align their departments’ goals with the macro objectives of the organisation 


COST TT$3950.00 / US$643.00  

Discounts Early Bird TT$400.00 / US$65.00 book by 15th August, 2023  

Two or more persons from an organization Total Discount TT$600.00 per person  

Past Participant Total Discount TT$600.00  

Students: Total Cost per person TT$2,300.00 (Space is limited)  

The conference fee includes lunch. On registration, payments can be made through bank transfer or cheques.  


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