1st Hydrogen Symposium: Developing a Hydrogen Powered Future

Event Date(s): 21/09/2023

Location: Faculty of Engineering

The Faculty of Engineering invites interested persons to attend the 1st Hydrogen Symposium. This 1-day event will cover the theme Developing a Hydrogen Powered Future. It will be held in the Faculty’s Lecture Theatre 1 on Thursday September 21, 2023 from 9 a.m. This free event is targeted primarily towards students and the members of the university community, with an interest in the energy sector.  

The Symposium will focus on bringing together both academia and industry, towards realizing the shared objective of addressing the challenges and opportunities associated with the Global Energy Transition to cleaner energy sources and by extension the key role that new hydrogen plays in this transition – both in the local and regional economies. 

The Symposium will serve as a catalyst for similar events, for the results from academia to be shared with the public, and for the industry to continuously share ideas and challenges with academia. This will generate a positive continuous cycle of iterative development and improvement, all with the view of creating a sustainable and relevant energy sector for Trinidad and Tobago, as well as the wider Caribbean, as we all strive to curtail the current climate crises that the world is facing. 

At this symposium, there will also be the announcement of the Professor Kenneth S Julien Endowment Fund, conceived by the Trinidad & Tobago Chapter of the Global Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE). Professor Julien has expressed his desire for the country to holistically embrace the philosophies of energy transition such as decarbonization and utilization of new hydrogen, both in terms of diversifying energy downstream as well as increasing its energy supply. This fund therefore is being established to support those aligned areas of research on hydrogen and other clean energy sources. 

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