Mobile Agro Environmental Services Coming to the Community

Event Date(s): 23/07/2024

On Tuesday July 23, 2024, The Department of Food Production of the Faculty of Food and Agriculture (FFA), is bringing the Mobile Agro Environmental Services to the Orange Grove area.

The FFA is aware of the critical importance of safe and quality food within a person’s diet. For this reason, The Agro Environmental Services (AES) was established to provide support to the growing needs of farmers as it relates to Plant Health Services and the need to grow healthier and safer foods. The service also extends to other relevant stakeholders including Agro chemical companies. Plant health services are essential to sustaining the vitality of agricultural systems, ensuring both the quality and abundance of food supplies necessary to support growing local and global population are met. These services encompass a broad range of scientific analyses and diagnostics, including pest and disease diagnosis, soil and water analysis, animal feed analysis, and food analysis.

The aim of these integrated services is to enhance the resilience of food systems, improve the sustainability of agricultural practices, and ultimately boost the availability and quality of food and agricultural products. Recognizing the crucial role that farmers play in ensuring food availability, for the first time, AES will go mobile, offering diagnostic services directly to farmers in the Orange Grove area. This initiative will focus on diagnosing issues related to plant and soil health and, where possible, provide guidance on appropriate remedies. This initiative is free of charge. On the designated day, the FFA team will visit farm sites and meet with farmers at their locations.

During these visits, our team will conduct soil health assessments, including pH and electrical conductivity (EC) measurements, as well as diagnose pest and disease problems. To ensure farmers do not miss this opportunity or if they have any questions regarding the event, they can contact directly or via WhatsApp at 868-389-4237 (868-389-4-AES).

Inquiries can also be directed to STA-AES.DFP@sta.uwi.edu.