Book Launch Caribbean Flavoured Presbyterianism

Event Date(s): 06/09/2008

Mr. Jerome Teelucksingh will launch his publication “Caribbean-Flavoured Presbyterianism: Education as a Prescription for Socio-Political Development, 1868-2008” on Saturday 6th September, 2008 at the Curepe Presbyterian Church, corner of Lyndon and Joyeau Streets, Curepe. The book launch will begin at 6:00 p.m. and admission is free. The book costs $170.00.

Mr. Teelucksingh’s publication highlights the importance of education as a liberating force and the early influence of the Presbyterian schools and churches in shaping the socio-economic and political landscape of Trinidad and Tobago. The book also examines the inseparable relationship between religion and education in the Presbyterian institutions. The author offers revisionist perspectives on certain controversial areas such as the role of the missionaries in conversion and racial polarisation.

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