Management of the Oil and Gas Sector in Trinidad and Tobago

Event Date(s): 20/09/2008

The Sustainable Economic Development Unit (SEDU) will host a conference on Saturday 20th September, 2008 at the Engineering Lecture Room 101 from 9:00 a.m. during the formal launch of the Sustainable Development Network (SDN) coordinated by the Cropper Foundation.


The topic, ‘A Guide to Monitoring the Management of the Oil and Gas Sector of Trinidad and Tobago’ will be one of three reports prepared by SEDU to be presented at the conference. This guide was prepared by Professor Dennis Pantin SEDU Coordinator together with Mr. Gregory McGuire Economics Department Lecturer, and former SEDU Research Assistant Dale James. There will be two other presentations by Mr. McGuire on the Heritage and Stabilisation Fund and by Prof Pantin on planning for mega-projects.


Other presentations will be made by Winston Rudder, Carol James and Trevor Boopsingh together with. Karin Lissakers, Director of the Revenue Watch Institute, USA and the second a representative of an indigenous group.


For further information please contact Ms Sarika Maharaj at smaharaj@thecropperfoundation.org

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