Heart To Verse-Book Launch

Event Date(s): 13/11/2008

Heart to Verse: Wordlines from UWI edited by Jennifer Rahim represents the outpourings of sixteen (16) participants in the Creative Writing: Poetry class of 2007. The Liberal Arts Department is proud to present them to the literary landscape. The Book launch will be on Thursday 13th November, 2008 at The UWI Sports and Physical Education Centre from 3:15 to 4:15 p.m.

The voices are new but the perspectives they bring to the challenges that confront the nation and the world are charged with the authority of those who live their truths and hope hard in possibility. The result is a poetry that disturbs as forcefully as it delights. These are first soundings but already some of them thunder.


Poets: Roxanne Ambrose, Allister Beharry, Danielle Boodoo-Fortunè, Amara Felix, Darin Gibson, Shivana Jalim, Aziza N. Khan, Amanda Manmohan, Gilline Mc Dowell, Emily Ockille, Runako Ayinde John Osborne, Sasha Ramcharan, Leshanta Roop, Lesley Ann Scott,  Shad Seaton, Reisha J.J. Warner

This book launch is free and open to all interested persons.

The launch represents the creative output of the undergraduate students, encourages excellence, gives exposure to aspiring poets and promotes local publishing.