Copper Deficiency Diseases

Event Date(s): 25/11/2008

Location: Amphitheatre A, Mt. Hope Medical Complex

The St. Augustine Campus of The University of the West Indies will host the Professorial Inaugural Lecture of Professor Andrew Adogwa. This lecture entitled “Copper Deficiency Diseases in Animals and Man” is carded for Tuesday 25th November, 2008 at 5.30 p.m. The venue is Amphitheatre A, Mt. Hope Medical Complex, and patrons are asked to make reservations as limited space is available.


Copper was first reported to be essential for growth and hemoglobin formation in rats in1928 by Hart and others. Subsequently copper was shown to be essential for growth and for the prevention of a wide range of clinical and pathological disorders in all types of farm animals. Deficiency of copper is implicated as the cause of a nervous disease known as swayback or enzootic ataxia in lambs and kids (sheep and goats). Copper deficiency causes two types of diseases in man – genetic and acquired copper deficiency diseases. The incidence of the acquired copper deficiency disease is on the rise world wide. A review of copper deficiency diseases of animals and man will be presented at the lecture as well as research on swayback disease carried out, in the last 12 years, at the University of the West Indies, St. Augustine.

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