MEDIATION: Level One-Essential Skills

Event Date(s): 12/01/2009 - 16/01/2009

The Department of Behavioural Sciences, Faculty of Social Sciences will offer the course ‘Mediation: Level One-Essential Skills’ from 12th to 16th January, 2009.The classes will be held at the Social Sciences Faculty Lounge, UWI , St. Augustine Campus from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. for the duration of the course. The cost of attendance is TT $7,000 per participant, and includes lunches and refreshments. 

About the course:

Conflict is a recurring part of life in personal, professional and organisational settings. Turning conflict into opportunities for growth and positive change can be achieved with essential mediation skills. This course provides the critical knowledge and skill development for building expertise in mediation. It is targeted to human resources personnel, law enforcement, social service professionals, educators, regional corporations and community leaders. Participants will build and enhance skills for resolving inter-personal and group conflict, client and stakeholder disputes.

In the session participants will build practical skills and approaches for mediating a range of disputes; learn techniques and communication skills for working in conflict situations and become skilled in managing high emotion and hostility. This is a practical skill building course for developing the key skills of resolving conflict. Participants will work with real-life scenarios, to develop skills to mediate in their workplaces, organizations and communities. 

About the trainer:

Trainer: Tom Kalpatoo 

Mr Tom Kalpatoo is a contract Lecturer and Practicum Facilitator in the Post Graduate Diploma in Mediation Studies at UWI since 2004. He has lectured at Capilano College, the Institute of Conflict Resolution and Analysis and taught mediation at the University of British Columbia. Mr Kalpatoo served as the President of the Mediation Development Association of British Columbia, and has delivered mediation and negotiation training internationally for twenty years. He has mediated over 2,000 cases for governments, organisations, law enforcement agencies, unions and community groups since 1989. Training participants have included corporate managers, lawyers, human resources personnel, police, military, teachers, social workers and government officials in Canada, Latin America and the Caribbean.  

For further information and to register please contact Victoria Hawkins at 663-3810 or Michylle Arthur at 662-2002 Ext. 3234 or email mediationtraining@fss.uwi.tt  or fax (868) 663-3810.

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