Caribbean Conferences 2009

Event Date(s): 08/01/2009 - 31/12/2009

January 8-9, 2009


Mona, Jamaica


Conference on Local Governance and Intergovernmental Relations


SALISES and the Department of Government, UWI-Mona


Contact Dacia Leslie or Nyan Whittingham at lgovernanceconf09@gmail.com



January 8-10, 2009


St Ann's, Trinidad & Tobago


Conference on Urban Planning in the Southern Caribbean


"Critical Issues in Caribbean Urban Planning"


ACP/EU EduLink Project (UWI, U. of Guyana, U. of Suriname, U. of Amsterdam)


Website http://www.sta.uwi.edu/news/ecalendar/event.asp?id=612


Contact Asad Mohammed at asad.mohammed@sta.uwi.tt or Petal Joseph at





January 26-30, 2009


La Habana, Cuba


11th International Congress of Pedagogy


"Pedagogy 2009: Encounter for the Unity of Educators"


Ministry of Education of Cuba


Website http://www.pedagogia2009.rimed.cu


Contact C. Victoria Arencibia Sosa at vicky@dct.rimed.cu or




February 5-7, 2009


Curaçao, Netherlands Antilles


Conference: "Finding the Law: Micro States and Small Jurisdictions ...

Freedoms and Challenges of Working in a Small Jurisdiction"


Faculty of Law, University of the Netherlands Antilles


Website http://www.una.an


Contact Viola Heutger at viola.heutger@una.an



February 11-13, 2009


Brisbane, Australia


8th Biennial Conference of the Australian Association for Caribbean Studies


AACS and Queensland University of Technology, Australia


Website http://www.cpe.qut.edu.au/conferences/2009/aacs/index.html


Contact Anne Hickling-Hudson a.hudson@qut.edu.au or Brian Hudson at





March 2-6, 2009


La Habana, Cuba


11th International Meeting of Economists on Globalization and

Development Problems


Asociación Nacional de Economistas y Contadores de Cuba (ANEC) &

Asociación de Economistas de América Latina y del Caribe (AEALC)


Website http://www.eleconomista.cubaweb.cu and



Contact María Isabel Córdova at misabel@anec.co.cu or anecnac@anec.co.cu




March 5-6, 2009


Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA


6th Annual Conference of the Interdisciplinary Program in Louisiana &

Caribbean Studies at LSU


"Louisiana and the Hispanic Circum-Caribbean in the Era of Globalization"


Louisiana State University (USA)


Website http://www.lsu.edu/lacsp


Contact Christian Fernández at cferna2@lsu.edu




March 11-14, 2009


Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic


42nd Annual SCOLAS Conference


"One World, Many Worlds: Composing the Americas"


Southwest Council of Latin American Studies (USA)


Website http://www.baylor.edu/scolas


Contact scolas@umhb.edu




March 25-27, 2009


Cave Hill, Barbados


10th Annual Conference of the Sir Arthur Lewis Institute of Social &

Economic Studies (SALISES)


"Navigating Risks and Building Resilience in Small States"




Website http://www.cavehill.uwi.edu/salises/conferences/callforpapers.htm


Contact salises@uwichill.edu.bb




April 17-19, 2009


Santiago de los Caballeros, Dominican Republic


3rd International Congress on Music, Identity and Culture in the Caribbean


"El Bolero en la Cultura Caribeña y su Proyección Universal"


Centro León, the Institute of Caribbean Studies (INEC) and the

Ministry of Culture


Website www.centroleon.org.do/congreso


Contact Darío Tejeda at inec97@yahoo.es or mic@centroleon.org.do




April 25, 2009


Warwick, England, UK


Conference on the Caribbean and its Diasporas


"Memory/Postmemory, Music & Identity: The Construction of a Diasporic

Black West Indian Experience"


Centre for Translation & Comparative Cultural Studies, University of

Warwick, Coventry, UK


Website http://www.caribbeanstudies.org.uk


Contact Latasha Brown at LaTasha.Brown@warwick.ac.uk


May 7-9, 2009


Kingston, Ontario, Canada


Conference: "The Measure of a Revolution: Cuba 1959-2009.

Understanding the Past, Considering the Future"


University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, Havana Univ., Boston Univ. &

Queen's Univ.


Website http://www.queensu.ca/sociology/?q=node/138


Contact Catherine Krull at cuba09@queensu.ca


May 11-14, 2009


St François, Guadeloupe


41st Annual Conference of the Association of Caribbean Historians (ACH)


ACH and Université des Antilles et de la Guyane, Campus de Fouillole


Website http://www.geocities.com/achbulletin


Contact Jacques Dumont at jacques.dumont@univ-ag.fr or Pedro Welch at



May 21, 2009


St Augustine, Trinidad & Tobago


Cultural Studies Symposium


"The Child and the Caribbean Imagi/Nation"


Department of Liberal Arts, UWI-St Augustine


Contact Giselle.Rampaul@sta.uwi.edu, Jennifer.Rahim@sta.uwi.edu or



June 1-5, 2009


Kingston, Jamaica


34th Annual Conference of the Caribbean Studies Association (CSA)


"Centering the Caribbean in Caribbean Studies"




Website http://www.caribbean-studies.org


Contact Diana Thorburn at diana.thorburn@gmail.com


June 8-11, 2009


Port-of-Spain, Trinidad & Tobago


eLearn 2009 Conference


"Bridging the Gap through Innovative e-Learning Environments"


Instructional Development Unit, UWI-St Augustine


Website http://elearn2009.com


Contact Jessy Mitchell at elearn@sta.uwi.edu


June 22-25, 2009


Tobago, Trinidad & Tobago


12th Annual CTLPA Conference


"The Power to Imagine, the Courage to Act: New Directions in Caribbean

Higher Education Development"


Caribbean Tertiary Level Personnel Association


Website www.ctlpa.org


Contact Chandar Gupta Supersad at Chandar.Supersad@sta.uwi.edu


June 22-26, 2009


San Juan, Puerto Rico


11th Americas Conference on Wind Engineering


American Association for Wind Engineering & Polytechnic University of

Puerto Rico


Website http://www.pupr.edu/11acwe


Contact Héctor J. Cruzado at hcruzado@pupr.edu or 11ACWE@gmail.com



June 23-25, 2009


Christ Church, Barbados


2009 Biennial Conference of the UWI Schools of Education


"Quality Education for All: Exploring Realities – Considering Options"


School of Education, UWI-Cave Hill


Website http://cavehill.uwi.edu/fhe/education/Conferences/2009/index.htm


Contact Arthur G. Richardson at arthur.richardson@cavehill.uwi.edu


June 23-26, 2009


Mona, Jamaica


1st Caribbean Regional ITS Conference


"Innovation, Demand and Competitiveness in Telecommunications:

Implications for the Caribbean Region and Beyond"


International Telecommunications Society (ITS) and Mona School of

Business, UWI-Mona


Website http://www.mona.uwi.edu/msb/ITS%20Conference.asp


Contact msbsecretariat@uwimona.edu.jm


June …., 2009 [exact dates to be announced]


Bridgetown, Barbados


8th Conference on Sustainable Applications for Tropical Island States


Caribbean Solar Energy Society


Website: http://www.caribbeansolar.org/SATIS2009/index.htm


Contact James Husband at james@solardynamicsltd.com


July 1-3, 2009


Hull, England, UK


33rd Annual Conference of the Society for Caribbean Studies


Society for Caribbean Studies (UK) & Wilberforce Institute for the

Study of Slavery and Emancipation, University of Hull (UK)


Website http://www.caribbeanstudies.org.uk


Contact David Howard at david.howard@ed.ac.uk


July 2-3, 2009


La Habana, Cuba


International Conference: Thinking and Rethinking the Cuban Revolution


Part I: "Society and Culture"


University of Havana


Contact Antoni Kapcia at a.kapcia@nottingham.ac.uk


July 3-9, 2009


Santiago, Cuba


29th Annual Caribbean Festival "Feast of Fire"


Dedicated to Honduras and the Garífuna Culture


La Casa del Caribe & Cuban Ministry of Culture


Website http://www.cultstgo.cult.cu and http://www.casadelcaribe.cult.cu


Contact caribe@cultstgo.cult.cu or dirprov@cultstgo.cult.cu


July 4-7, 2009


Essex, England, UK


International Conference


"American Tropics: Towards a Literary Geography"


University of Essex


Website http://www.essex.ac.uk/lifts/American_Tropics/conference/Conference.htm


Contact Lesley Wylie at lwylie@essex.ac.uk or Susan Forsyth at



July 19-26, 2009


La Habana, Cuba


23rd International Congress of Caribbean Archaeology


International Association for Caribbean Archaeology (IACA) & City

Historian's Office of Havana


Website http://museum-server.archanth.cam.ac.uk/IACA.WWW/iaca.htm


Contact Roger Arrazcaeta at eventos@viajessancristobal.cu or



August 12-15, 2009


Miami, Florida, USA


6th Annual Meeting of the Caribbean Philosophical Association (CPA)


"Shifting the Geography of Reason VI"




Website http://www.temple.edu/isrst/Events/CPA.asp


Contact Lewis R. Gordon at caribphil@yahoo.com


September 7-8, 2009


Nottingham, UK


International Conference: Thinking and Rethinking the Cuban Revolution


Part II: "Politics, Ideology and Economics"


Department of Latin American Studies, University of Nottingham


Contact Antoni Kapcia at a.kapcia@nottingham.ac.uk


Compiled by: Peter Jordens, plancari@cura.net