Free and Open Courseware EdTech Talk Session

Event Date(s): 15/11/2007

Location: Technology Lounge (LRC West Lab)

This session will introduce you to a variety of free online resources that teachers at all levels can use to enrich their teaching and their student’s learning. We will be exploring the following websites:

  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s MITOPENCOURSEWARE,
  • Apple Learning Interchange,
  • iTunes University,
  • Multimedia Educational Resources for Learning and Online Teaching (MERLOT), and the
  • Open Educational Resources.

Additionally, we will discuss how to integrate the learning objects you find with your teaching and learning strategies. You will also learn more about the “open” movement and how you can contribute to its growth. 

Space is limited so please contact Ms. Tisha Ghany at: Tisha.Ghany@sta.uwi.edu to reserve a spot.

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