The Challenge of Language for Education in the Caribbean

Event Date(s): 23/04/2009

The Professorial Inaugural Lecture of Professor Ian Robertson will take place on Thursday 23rd April, 2009, at 5:30 p.m. in Engineering Room 101, UWI, St. Augustine Campus. Professor Robertson’s lecture is entitled “The Challenge of Language for Education in the Caribbean”.



Education has been identified by all the territories of the Commonwealth Caribbean as holding the key to optimizing human potential and harnessing it for personal as well as national benefit. The education system itself, has correctly identified language as the cornerstone of effecting satisfactory education processes. However, the system itself has consistently failed to produce in its students the certifiable level of control of the language of education, English. Consequently language, in particular competence in English, has come to serve as a barrier to maximizing individual and collective human potential. This presentation proposes addresses the need for a more studied and informed approach to the issue of language and education based on significantly increased levels of language awareness at all stakeholder levels.

All interested persons are invited to attend.

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