Talent Development Programme

Event Date(s): 29/10/2009

The UWI Human Resources Division is inviting persons within Grade 5 who have held the post for a minimum of eight years and possess a Bachelors degree, and those at Grade 7 who have been in their current position for a minimum of five years and possess a Bachelors degree, to be participants in our Talent Development Programme which is scheduled to take place from November 2009 to June 2010. The objective of the programme is to develop in participants a range of competencies required to achieve faculty/departmental goals and targets against the backdrop of the University’s corporate strategy. At the end of the programme we expect that participants would be better prepared to compete for and assume higher positions within the organization. 

The programme has two components: a theoretical component which includes classroom, group, and individual sessions, which will be conducted twice per week over five weeks focusing on the following areas:  

Managing Self – developing Emotional Intelligence

Career planning and management

Customer Service - meeting and surpassing client’s needs

Student Administration – recruitment, enrollment, examination, registration, systems and procedures

Finance – budgetary control, procurement systems and procedures

Human Resources – recruitment, performance management, industrial relations principles and practices

Communication Skills- researching, investigating, writing and presentation of information

Events Management – planning organizing, implementing and evaluating

Health and Safety – legal obligations (employee and employer) reporting, investigating accidents


The practical section will involve one-on-one coaching sessions, and temporary assignments in selected departments for a period of four days over a one-month period for each assignment.

Please indicate your willingness to participate in this programme by submitting a paper with a minimum of 250 words indicating why you think that you should be included in this programme and how this programme can contribute to your professional development. This application must be supported by the Head of Department.

The paper should be submitted to hrtraining@sta.uwi.edu no later than October 29th 2009.