"IBC 2009 - Transitioning from IBC 2006 and General Overview of the IBC" - one-day seminar

Event Date(s): 20/11/2009

Dr. S.K. Gosh, of S.K. Gosh & Associates Inc. (USA), will present a one-day seminar titled, "IBC 2009 - Transitioning from IBC 2006 and General Overview of the IBC," on November 30th, 2009. The seminar will focus on the International Building Code (IBC), with special emphasis on Structural Provisions and changes from the 2006 to 2009 editions. Learning objectives (especially important now, given the following code-related issues in progress locally and regionally):

  • The Caribbean Building Code is under development and the IBC has been selected as the basis for its development
  • Indication has been given that the Ministry of Works Design Office Branch is soon to require building design to the IBC
  • Internationally funded projects typically require that building design be in accordance with the IBC

The cost of attandance will be $TT $2,600.00 (US $433.00) per participant. An early bird discount of 5% shall be applied for persons/companies paying before 6th November. A group discount of 10% shall be applied for companies that register three (3) or more persons. (Both discounts will not be applied simultaneously).

The package includes workshop materials, lunch and refreshments and a certificate of participation.

For further information, please contact:

The Engineering Institute, Faculty of Engineering, U.W.I.

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