Pre-CHOGM/-CPF Workshop - The Commonwealth in the 2nd Decade of the 21st Century

Event Date(s): 20/11/2009 - 22/11/2009

Location: IIR Boardroom @ UWI, St. Augustine

The UWI Institute of International Relations (IIR), in association with CANARI, CIGI, CaPRI, CPSU, CWN, RCS, will be hosting a pre-CHOGM/-CPF worshop titled "The Commonwealth in the Second Decade of the 21st Century: inter- & non-state contributions to global development/governance." It will take place from Friday 20th - Saturday 21st November, from 9:30 a.m.-5:30 p.m., and on Sunday 22nd November, from 9:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m., in the IIR Boardroom, UWI, St. Augustine.

The agenda follows:

Friday 20 November: focus on the economy

Caribbean Regional Governance & the Sovereignty/Statehood Problem (Tony Payne & Matthew Bishop)

The End of an Era? The EU-CARIFORUM EPA & the Future of Caribbean Trade Relations (Diana Thorburn, John Rapley, Damien King & Collette Campbell, CaPRI)

Waterworld: the Caribbean mosaic (Alvin Curling, Patsy Sutherland & Indianna D Minto-Coy, CIGI)

Social Partnerships & Development in the Caribbean (Indianna D Minto-Coy, CIGI)

T&T’s year of the Summits: from 5th SOA to CHOGM (Indira Rampersad, UWI)

Lunch sponsored by CIGI

Chair: Professor Dennis Pantin, Economics, UWI & CRF (TBC)

The Caribbean Maritime Transportation Sector: achieving sustainability through efficiency (Fritzhore Pinnock & Ibrahim A Ajagunna, CIGI)

The Regionally Domiciled Air Transport Services Sector - sustainability issues (Ian Bertrand, CIGI)

CSR in Belize & Botswana (Veronica Broomes, CPSU)

5:30 p.m. - Keynote address by Professor Jane Kelsey (University of Auckland Law School) on ‘The Political Economy of Trade in Services Agreements: serving whose interests?’ 


Saturday 21 November: focus on the polity

State of democracy in the Commonwealth (Chris Child & Victoria Ashworth, CPSU)

Parliamentary democracy in the anglophone Caribbean in 2010 (Hamid Ghany, CAPSU/FSS, UWI?)

Development in the ‘other’ Caribbean: OTs & DOMs (Matthew Bishop, IIR)

Building Civil Society Capacity for Biodiversity Conservation (Sarah McIntosh, CANARI)

Developing civil society in the OTs (Victoria Ashworth, CPSU)

Lunch sponsored by CPSU

Commonwealth & the UNESCO Convention on Cultural Diversity (Kris Rampersad, Network of NGOs of T&T)

Cities & development in the Commonwealth (CPSU)

Commonwealth contributions to ‘global civil society’ (Tim Shaw, IIR)

Respect & understanding: onto CHOGM/CPF 2011 in Sri Lanka

5:30 p.m. - Keynote address by Eduardo del Buey, Director of Communications & Public Affairs, Commonwealth Secretariat on ‘Virtual Diplomacy in the New Century/Decade’

6:30 p.m. - reception sponsored by Ashgate Publishing to launch CHOGM papers from CIGI, CPSU, RCS


Sunday 22 November: focus on ecology & policy

Morning (Chair: Dr Jacob Opadeyi, UWI & Chair CASLE) (TBC)

Commonwealth fisheries (Richard Bourne, CPSU)

Towards a Regional Network of Fisherfolk Organizations (Sarah McIntosh, CANARI)

Sustainable governance in the Caribbean Sea (Robin Mahon, ACUNS/UWI & ACS?)

International institutional reform (Veronica Broomes, CPSU)

Commonwealth Scholarship Commission at 50 (Tim Shaw, IIR et al?)

Towards a ‘Commonwealth School’ of international relations: Round Table @100? (Tim Shaw, IIR)

Lunch sponsored by IIR

Afternoon (to conclude before 5 p.m.for the opening of CPF in Queen’s Hall, Savannah) (Chair: Dr Annita Montoute, IIR)

Concluding Workshop: CPSU CHOGM policy briefing (with Nexus) & RCS survey/conversation on the future of the Commonwealth (Danny Sriskandarajah & Zoe Ware, RCS)

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