Student Notices

Help Improve Security On Campus with ResQ

Posted Wednesday, October 17, 2018

The Office of the Deputy Principal needs students to help test the ResQ  pilot app – an app to help improve student safety on campus.

Interested? Please send your name, Student ID# and cell phone number to

Please note: Persons must have a smartphone to be applicable to test the pilot app.  

About ResQ

When in any danger or accident or medical distress or other emergency, the students can activate the system by pressing the panic button or pressing the app or shaking the phone vigorously. The phone will then transmit to the ResQ Command Centre the student’s location, in addition to live audio and video.  A response team will then be dispatched to the location.

The area of coverage is a 5 mile radius around the St Augustine Campus and Mt Hope as well as a 5-mile radius around Ariapita Avenue on weekends (Thursdays to Sundays). The security firm G4S will respond. In areas outside of the 5 mile radius, information will be relayed to the state police for them to respond.