Student Notices

Conduct of Examination Process for Semester I 2018-2019

Posted Monday, December 03, 2018

Please follow the Examinations Sections' Conduct of Examinations Process for Semester I 2018-2019: 

Examination Period: December 3 to 21, 2018

Before Exams:

  • Individual Final Examination Timetables will be published to students secure area.
  • Only students who are duly registered and financially cleared will have access to the examination venue. All other students will be denied entry.

During Exams:

Students are advised to arrive at their examination venue at least 30 minutes before the start of the examination.

Your valid UWI Identification card must be presented in order to gain entry into the examination venue. Invigilators will scan your ID card to verify that:

  •  You are registered for the course
  •  You are financially cleared
  •  You are at the correct exam venue
  •  The person presenting the card matches the photo ID on file.

Candidates shall bring their examination cards (where applicable), and their UWI Student identification cards to each examination. They must display their identification cards and their examination cards [where applicable] in a prominent position on their desks.  Candidates shall not normally be allowed to write an examination without a valid UWI Identification Card  [Click here for more information: Examination Regulations 2018/2019 92(a)]

Students will be denied entry if:

  •  A valid UWI ID is not presented
  •  Registration for the course cannot be confirmed
  •  Financial clearance cannot be confirmed
  • Venue is not the correct venue for the examination

Check your Status

If you are attending classes for which you are not registered, your course will not appear on your individualised exam timetable.  Coursework assessments and assignments submitted will not be credited with results.

Students with late registration must ensure that the course(s) appear on their exam schedule as well as on their unofficial transcript. If the course appears on your exam schedule without an exam date and venue, please contact the Examinations Section immediately.

If you have not yet received financial clearance, please liaise with the Students and Receivables, Bursary to regularise your account. Further information can be obtained by visiting

How to get your ID Card

If you have not yet received your ID card, please visit the ID Card Office at the Centre for Workforce Research and Development Building.

You are reminded to memorise your Student Identification Number, which is NOT the number on your ID Card. 

Further information can be found on their website to steps to complete the process.