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Take Care as you Prepare for Examinations During Matta Season!

Posted Tuesday, December 04, 2018

Exam Time = Matta Season. Remember, your health and safety matters too! Check out some Matta Season tips below and remember always wear your Student ID:

Safe Matta Space Matters

  • Check out one of the designated, secure Study Areas like the Student Activity Centre (SAC) and the Teaching and Learning Centre (TLC).
  • If you’re in Mt. Hope, check out the Student Activity Centre (JGI Hall).
  • The Alma Jordan Library is also open 24/7 until December 20, 2018.  24/7 Service hours are: Monday to Friday: 10pm to 5.45am | Saturday: 5pm to 5.45am | Sunday: noon to 6pm. Visit: for details.

Studying late on campus during Matta Season?

  • Call Security for an escort to your vehicle or nearby residence!
  • Request an escort from 6pm to 6am. Call 662-2002 ext. 82120/ 83510.

Feeling unsafe or need help while studying during Matta Season?

  • Contact the Campus Security Hotline for assistance.
  • Call 662-4123 (save the number on your phone too)

Feeling stressed this Matta Season?

  • Combat stress! Study with friends! Remember to eat and get some rest too!

Having trouble handling the pressure of exams during Matta Season?

  • Visit the Counselling and Psychological Services (CAPS) and have a chat with the Counsellor.
  • Want to make an appointment? Call 662-2002 ext. 82491 or email

Feeling stressed this Matta Season?

  • Take a break. Take a walk, practice deep breathing, take a swim or go to The UWI SPEC Gym.
  • Relax. Clear your head and be re-energized!